Quality Policy

Operating Policy



Our main effort is to accomplish the mission and implement the strategy of BACKERFIELD Kft. which is based on superior products, the maximum consideration of the customer and client needs, as well as on satisfaction; to ensure the balance of the owners, the staff, and the circle of professional partners and to combine professional tradition with modern manufacturing culture.


To this end, our products and technology, as well as our knowledge in food technology are being developed and our market participation is strengthened through competitive products and expertise.


The objective of our Operating Policy is to ensure the excellence of our products, as well as health food safety, effectiveness and creative working atmosphere – these are the pillars of our medium and short-term goals. Our objectives are supported by the resources that satisfy the food safety requirements, taking reasonable economy into account.


The annually revised and renewed objectives, the good manufacturing and hygiene practices, the continuous measures for the development of the manufacturing culture, as well as the appropriate raw and auxiliary materials and services provided by suitable suppliers and sub-contractors determine our actions.


Our goodwill based on quality and security, as well as on excellent products require that our capabilities, up-to-date knowledge, experience and preparedness are coordinated.


The setting and achievement of the proper objectives are guaranteed by the commitment and efforts of our managers and staff, the Company’s legal and ethical operation, our comprehensive system approach, as well as the operation of our food safety management system based on the current standards. Our system is based on the ISO 22000 and FSSC (ISO/TS 22002-1) standards and on the regulations of the MÉ2-1/1969 Food Code.


In order to provide safe products which satisfy the laws and the European requirements, we place special emphasis on hygiene, the operation of the HACCP system and the international and system-related requirements for food safety. We also take the aspects of the environment, the occupational health / safety and the sustainable production safety into consideration.


All these facts allow us to continue to maintain our role as a food supplier. The successes inspire us to make further efforts, and to maintain continuous learning and development. This commitment characterizes both our senior colleagues and all of our employees.


Kisláng, 1st August, 2019

— Bánfalvi Zoltán
Managing Director