Bavarian rye-bread

5000 g BL 112 wheat flour 50%
5000 g Bavarian rye-bread mix 50%
375 g yeast 3.75%
5000 g water 50%
50 g vinegar 1%


All ingredients are mixed until the pastry is consistent. Then the dough is divided into portions of 556g that are smothed into round shape. After letting them rest we smoth them into round shape again and put them on baking tray and leave them to prove for 60-80 minuntes. Before baking them, the loafs are washed with water then sprinkled with flour. The loafs are baked in steamy space.

Technological index of baking:

  • Content of the pastry complies with the Bill of Materials
  • Temperature of the pastry: 28 °C
  • After forming the dough it is left to prove for 60-80 minutes 75-85%  RH (Relative Humidity)
  • Baking temperature 240-220 °C
  • Baking time 30-40 minutes


The surface of the loaf is slightly crusty, floury. The soft part of bread is brown, pitted, with typical rye-bread taste.